App Store refunds

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I had an idea a while ago, which I thought was a good one:

I wish there was some sort of trial period for apps. Maybe there could be a system where if you somehow ‘return’ the app within, say, 48 hours, you get a refund. By return I mean there’s some sort of prompt that acknowledges you’re deleting an app within 48 hours of first installing, and let’s you know a refund is available. This could even be optional, i.e. the developer decides whether to provide a refund or not.

I still think it’s good, and it looks like I’m not the only one.

In Gruber’s short link to Phill Ryu’s recent piece on scammy apps in the App Store (scroll down to read), he mentions the same idea:

Phill Ryu has a good set of suggestions for how Apple should address this. Being able to get a refund within a short window after first installing the app, for example.

Which makes me feel, for a second or two, that I was ahead of the whole internet by 487 days (according to Siri).

UPDATE: it’s 497 days; 12th not 22nd October 2010.




(Yes, I realise I wouldn’t be the only one who’s had this idea, but one can dream :)