Blast from the past

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In preparation for the arrival of my new Mac Pro, I wanted to create a cloneable ‘virgin’ install of Snow Leopard, all my user settings, and all my applications and their settings. The idea being I can simply clone this virgin install to my new boot drive. (I’ve since decided to simply clone my current boot drive, so I don’t waste spend time installing each application and reconfigure its settings, something that would take the best part of a full day, plus a week or two of adding bits and pieces as I come across them.)


In preparing for the above task I opened my trusty box of install and backup discs, and cleaned out about 90% of it. Old backup discs of my font collections, installs of OSX Tiger (!) and Leopard, software backups from 2006 (!!), as well as old router software, and data card recovery software.

One thing in this box which is cool are my install discs of DreamWeaver 4 by Macromedia (!!!), Fontographer, and Adobe Design Collection — before the Creative Suites (!!!!).


Adobe design collection