SOLD: 8-core Mac Pro

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This Mac Pro has been sold

I’m selling my trusty Mac Pro.

I’ve had many years of exceptional and hassle-free computing from it. The majority of use has been in design and photography, with some audio and video work as well. It has never let me down. This Mac has many more years to give to a new owner.



Here are the details (the full geek-tastic details available at

  • Mac Pro 1,1
  • 2x 2.66Ghz Intel Xeon Quad Core ‘Clovertown’ CPUs
  • 16GB RAM (with lifetime replacement warranty)
  • 512Mb ATI Radeon X1900 Dual-DVI Graphics card
  • 1x 320GB Hard Drive
  • 2x 400GB Hard Drives (more than 1.1 Terabytes total storage)
  • 2x Superdrives (DVD+CD burners — copy one disc directly to another!)
  • Ports: 5x USB, 2x Ethernet, 2x Firewire 400, 2x Firewire 800, Optical in/out, Audio in/out
  • New slimline Apple keyboard
  • 2x Mighty Mice
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Bluetooth

You’ll notice the specs are much more impressive now than when this Mac was originally released because I’ve upgraded much of it to make it as beefy as possible:

  • Upgraded from 2x dual-core CPUs to 2x quad-core CPUs. This make 8 cores and essentially doubles the original computing power! I wrote in detail about that process here. (This is an unsupported upgrade, but it’s been rock-solid and working flawlessly since I did it :)
  • Upgraded from 2GB to a massive 16GB RAM! All my RAM modules are from OWC in the USA, and have a lifetime replacement warranty!
  • Upgraded the stock 256Mb graphics card to the Radeon x1900 5212Mb card
  • Upgraded from the stock superdrive to 2x Pioneer superdives
  • Upgraded from 1x 250 GB hard drive to 3x hard drives totalling more than a terabyte
  • Added internal WiFi and Bluetooth

In short, I’ve made this into a beastly Mac.


I’m throwing in the following which didn’t come with the original machine:

  • A second Apple Might Mouse
  • Two Apple USB extender cables
  • A clean installation of OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on the machine. The Mac came with an older version of the operating system (original discs supplied)
  • A new slimline Apple aluminium keyboard


The price is A$1400 or RM4500


This Mac is in almost-perfect condition, I’d say 9/10. There are a couple of small scratches on the one side of the case, and there is dust in some hard-to-reach places. I cleaned everything thoroughly when I took the Mac apart to swap out the CPUs a year ago.

Is this Mac for you?

This is a perfect Mac for a photographer or graphic/digital designer, and even a video designer with a some minor upgrades like a newer graphics card and more storage (there is still one hard drive bay empty). The 16GB RAM will ensure your graphics apps are running fast and smooth.

Chances are, if you’ve read this far you know what you want and are probably the right person for this Mac. If you know your way around computer hardware, this Mac will last many more years.

Spread the word

Please forward this page onto anyone you think might be interested, or contact me directly with any questions, or to arrange an inspection.

KL buyers only!

Due to the size of this Mac, I can only sell to someone in KL as it’s too big to post, and I no longer have the original box. It’s best you pick-up so you can inspect it in person and see it working before you purchase. This Mac comes with a Malaysian power plug.