Google URLs in Safari browser history

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Google search URLs

Over there is a snapshot of my Safari browser history. The highlights in blue are “webpages” I’ve opened from a page of Google search results. Which, for a browser history menu, doesn’t work at all!

(For the record, that top google URL points to this, the next one down is this, and the next one is this.)

How am I supposed to find a webpage in my history from that?! Why is the history even there if not to go back and find stuff?!

It’s a UX disaster. Nothing less.

In my page of search results I can hover over a result’s link, and the URL that’s shown to me as a tooltip is the final webpage, i.e., the page I expect to go to when I click that link (e.g. But instead of this page being logged in my browser history, Google thrusts a long and dirty URL in there — presumably for “don’t be evil” tracking purposes — and for some reason Safari chooses to record the gibberish URL in my history[1. The URLs are recorded correctly on Chrome and FireFox as far as I can tell.].

Someone’s attempted a workaround, but for me it only works once, then stops any webpages being logged afterwards.

I’ve only noticed this behaviour in the last few months, but I can’t be sure how long it’s been happening.

If anyone knows of a fix, please tweet at me. Thanks!

=== UPDATE 1 ===

I found this Metafilter thread on the issue, where Tyler Karaszewski wrote a script to fix the issue, and nowanmai turned it into a Safari extension for easy installation. Download the extension here.

=== UPDATE 2 ===

I believe Safari 6 fixes this issue, but I’m not 100% sure.

=== UPDATE 3 ===

Safari 6 still has the issue. The above extension works for Safari 6.

=== UPDATE 4 – 21 Feb 2013 ===

The aforementioned extension has stopped working for me in Safari 6.0.2 after I upgraded to Mountain Lion. If this has happened to you, try Shaun Inman’s Detox Safari extension to get your history looking slick again. It worked for me :)