Keyboard ergonomics Keybergonomics

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I use a Wacom tablet for digital work. It has been an essential tool for me for years. It’s fast, accurate, and when masking/painting in Photoshop, it can’t be beat.[1. Well, maybe by one of these.]

The tablet sits directly in front of me. It’s comfortable to draw in this position because it’s how I’d set up to draw if I was using a pen and paper (remember those?). To maintain this comfort with the Wacom, I’ve pushed my keyboard back over the top edge of the tablet.

Now that the keyboard sits almost behind the tablet (the front edge actually rests on it), I needed to raise the back edge of the keyboard to the same height of the tablet, around 15mm. I achieved this by laying two plastic DVD cases next to each other and put them behind the tablet, essentially extending the top surface area of the tablet, enough for the whole keyboard to fit easily and sturdily.

I had it this way — for several years — until today.

Today I removed the DVD cases and now have the keyboard sloping downward away from me. It feels a bit weird in terms of hand-eye coordination (I can’t touch type, so rely on looking at the keys), but already my hands feel more relaxed when I need to do a reasonable amount of typing.

So I like it. And it’s staying this way.
And as an added bonus, I get to remove some crusty DVD cases from my desktop :)

(Wait, are those…?)[2. Yes, those are a pair of Lego TRON light cycles… ]
(And is that…?)[3. Yep, a Lego Alien ]
(That looks familiar, have I seen it befo…?)[4. Yes! Perhaps on the cover of my photography book? ]