Malaysian Monopoly Pub Crawl™

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Today, in my inbox:

Hello All,

Well, the Inaugural KL Monopoly Pub Crawl is only 1 day away!

The 1st pub will be (drum roll please) . . . . . [1st pub name]
Details are below. We will be meeting at [1st pub] at 12:30pm and we will be leaving [1st pub] by 1pm off to the 2nd pub, so please don’t get left behind.

[address removed]
[Google Maps link removed]

If you are coming from the city and you would like to join Bart, Kelly and Anne-Marie for a ride to [1st pub], there will be a minibus leaving [Bart and Kelly’s place] at 12 (NOON) SHARP! Please let me know by email or text if you plan on catching the minibus to [1st pub].

The pub crawl rules will be handed out at [1st pub]. For those that will be joining us later, please text me when you are ready to join the crawl and I will advise you which pub you can join us at.

Please make sure that you have a proper breakfast! The pub crawl is a marathon (12:30pm to 12:30am) not a sprint! Also, we will have two scheduled meal stops included in the crawl. The first one is scheduled from 2:30pm – 3:45pm and the second one is scheduled from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.

Better bring some comfortable African canoes.