New Star Wars Lego

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Here is my new Lego Star Wars piece: 9492 TIE Fighter.

You may be forgiven for thinking I’d already secured my holy trilogy of Star Wars Lego in the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, the mechanised walking AT-AT, and the Death Star diorama. (The Star Destroyer is my favourite ship from the Star Wars trilogy, with the AT-AT being my favourite non-ship. The Death Star diorama is simply the coolest set to have if you’re a Star Wars geek, trust me on that.)

But 2012 ushered in one set which caught my attention, the TIE Fighter. Lego released a TIE Fighter in 2005, but it looked a bit balls. The 2012 version looks much better. The TIE is not one of my favourite ships — although it’s up there — but it’s such an icon of Star Wars that the redesign of this set was plenty enough to make me find one (in KL!!!) and put my money down. And I’m glad I did ‘cos the set looks awesome. It’s the perfect size (and build quality) to hold and run around the house making the classic rrrrrwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh sound. Not that I did that of course… *sniff

The 2012 TIE brings my total of Star Wars Lego sets to four, and interestingly they all represent the Darkside. But one of the benefits of dealing with a local (Malaysian) supplier is they like to bargain. So after a few emails back and forth I was able to secure a deal on the 2012 version of the arguably more iconic 9493 X-Wing Fighter!

How cool is that? I was never a huge fan of the X-Wing, at least not as much as the ship mentioned above. I liked it as much as the next kid geek, but for some reason I was always intrigued by the Darkside-flavoured machines as a child. (This can probably be correlated with my interest in medieval knights and evil houses). The only reason I bought the X-Wing was that I got it at a bit of a discount.

The X-Wing goes against my all Darkside collection, but I’m glad I picked it up; it’s such a good-looking model! (It even has a knob to open and close the wings :) The X-Wing has so many easily identifiable features: the long fuselage with the bulky end[1. Phallic much?], the simple cockpit, the R2 unit, the split wings, the four laser cannons, and the four engines. These made it a joy to build, with many little pangs of nostalgia.

The 2012 TIE and X-Wing aren’t the cheapest of Lego sets, but if you’re a fan of both Lego and Star Wars, I recommend picking them up. They’re fun to build and more fun to display. You could even run around the house with one in each paw and reenact some of the great dogfights of the film, to the disapproval of your wife.

Not that I did that of course…



The X-Wing can’t really be displayed with wings open in attack position without a stand of some sort. I tried adapting my Joby Gorillapod to do the job because it could give me that nice upward-pointing angle similar to what you see in major airline scale models, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

So I had a rummage around in the few spare Lego parts left over from the other Star Wars sets I have and cobbled together the stand you see below. As luck would have it, I was limited to some rudimentary pieces and had to create a stand which has a sort of in-built side tilting mechanism, giving the X-Wing a really nice upward and sideways tilt!

The X-Wing looks even more awesome now :)