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Maxed cores

I’ve spent the last two days building my new Mac Pro. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say it’s pretty snappy. Since I’ve paid for good quality parts like Hitachi 3TB HDs and OWC RAM, I thought I should really put my new machine’s innards through their paces with Diglloyd’s MemoryTester software:

MemoryTester is a 64-bit application designed to “stress test” your Mac, particularly memory. Some highlights:

  • Use MemoryTester on a new computer to “burn in” your computer and make sure your memory, CPU, motherboard and cooling systems are all functioning properly under load.
  • Use MemoryTester after you add more RAM to your computer to make sure the RAM is good.
  • Use MemoryTester if your computer is behaving strangely or exhibiting instability to narrow down the cause.
  • Use MemoryTester to measure scalability performance with CPU cores.

I was interested in points one, two and four, so I ran the “stress test”…

The first time I ran it was only for 5 minutes, just to see what happened. It did exactly what it says it does: ramps up all RAM and CPU cores to 100%. The image above is a grab of all 6 real and 6 virtual cores going 100% nuts. After 5 minutes, all was well. The Mac Pro hadn’t melted; the fans didn’t even kick in.

The second time I ran it for a full hour. Same process, 100% across the board for 216,000 seconds. The result? No fan noise. No overheating. Nothing.

This Mac Pro makes me happy :) I can’t wait to do some serious Photoshop work on it.