American Juggalo

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A documentary called American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

I found this 20-minute film fascinating because:

  • It’s shot and edited extremely well. The photography is superb, and the editing allows the people to be the focus. There are no special effects to distract.
  • The film is honest, due to the above reasons.
  • The people in the film are intriguing, funny, scary, creepy, down to earth, drunk, high, and I’m sure some are lost — not in the geographical coordinates sense.
  • It’s shot and edited extremely well. This point is worth repeating.

If you’re interested in people, and have 20 minutes to spare, I recommend giving this a watch. It’s embedded here as 600px wide, but I suggest you go to the site and watch the film in a higher resolution.