Voyager Q

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Voyager Q

In the process of ordering parts for the setup up my new Mac Pro, I knew I’d have a surplus of old SATA hard drives. I already had a few extra hard drives in the not-so-cavernous variety lying around, and with all new 3TB drives on order to replace my then current drives, I’d knew I’d have a few more.

So I bought myself a Voyager Q.

The Voyager Q is like a toaster for your extra hard drives. You pop in a naked drive — 2.5″ or 3.5″ — and it shows up as an external drive on your system. This is perfect for archiving your data, something I used to do with DVD media. The great thing now is I can fill the drive/s up with stuff on the DVDs to have a quickly accessible archive should I need it. I have everything catalogued with (the now defunct) Media Catalog for easy reference.



One 500GB drive holds all of my freelance design work, reaching back to 2003 (!!!), as well as all the layered PSD files of my photographic artwork to date, all of the music, advertising, admin from when I was in the band Subnormal, all of my design resources like stock imagery and vector files — and it still has space left for the future!

I have other drives with backups of my music, operating system, and movies and TV Shows. All of my data is now duplicated and easily accessible, and those otherwise abandoned hard drives are saved from landfill and put back into service.