Cover: Ballin’ 2

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Remember Ballin’? Well, since the beginning of 2012 I’ve been playing a lot of tennis. This year I’ve taken regular lessons, and I’ve been playing two or three games a week. It takes up much of my time, especially the mornings. Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting on me for design stuff. I still play basketball down at Yonkers, but not every weekend any more.

I’m loving tennis. This tennis ball cover is long overdue. This is one of my actual tennis balls, a Dunlop Fort Elite, number 4.[1. The number doesn’t mean anything. Each can of balls has a different number from 1 to 4 so you don’t lose them among other players’ balls on the court. The number can also be used instead of flipping a coin to decide who serves; instead you guess the number inside the can. Cute.]