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Dropbox has just announced two-click sharing of files with a download link. This is exciting for me particularly because Apple’s about to discontinue evolve MobileMe into iCloud, and iCloud’s minimum requirements state OSX Lion (10.7), which, after a lengthy trial on our MacMini media server, I hated.

For me, there are two parts to this event, good and bad:

  1. Good: iCloud with remove the ability to share files with a download link (iDisk). I used this feature a lot and have been concerned with finding an appropriate replacement. Dropbox’s new feature will be this replacement.
  2. Bad: Apple has not yet said iCloud will work on OSX Snow Leopard, so I’ll have to decide between the better of two evils:
    • Downgrade Upgrade to OSX Lion, or
    • Go without/find and alternative to syncing contacts, calendars, bookmarks, etc across my Macs and iPhone.

Dropbox link sharing is the first solid step towards an alternative to iCloud. I really really don’t want to move to Lion (yet[1. Until I read news which makes me feel comfortable moving over. I have a penchant for “if it ain’t broke…”, but in this case it wasn’t broken, but now is.]), so I hope that Dropbox or another startup is able to workout replacement syncing for Apple’s ecosystem[2. Although then I’ll need to decide whether to trust an unknown startup with my personal information. Damn you OSX Lion!.].