Icon: Twitter for Mac app v3.0

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A couple days ago, Twitter updated it’s logo. No longer will they be using the word ‘Twitter’, or the lowercase ‘t’. Just the bird icon (named Larry) and a simplified version at that. Good for them. Now they join the ranks of Nike, McDonalds, and Starbucks as a brand without a name. Not sure if Twitter is as recognisable as those three, but I like that they’ve taken the step, but I digress…

For the second time, I’ve updated my free Twitter For Mac icons.

The v3 update uses the new incarnation of Larry, but sports a couple more enhancements, namely the replacement of the lowercase ‘t’ at the 16px and 24px sizes (now using Larry), and overall some minor graphic inconsistencies between sizes — a general tune up. That’s about it.

No, wait, that not it — I’ve also made a rainbow multi-coloured version! Yay?

Twitter for Mac App Icon v3 sample

Why a rainbow version? To be honest, I don’t know…

Download the icons

Free to use however you wish, just don’t resell them. Enjoy!

(If you prefer to stick it to the man, and run with the old bird, grab the icons from the previous Twitter for Mac icon page.)