Snake oil rebel force

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A while back I wrote something about the new advertising, or how advertising would become extinct and be replaced by better products that people actually want.

Well my mate Fox has thought a little harder and longer than me, and offered a glimpse into the more-likely-than-my-scenario scenario of what advertising might become:

Once, years ago, I read something about the future of advertising. I don’t know if it was an Ogilvy book, or something else. It said, paraphrased, “The future of advertising won’t be that a company has a product and tries to persuade people to buy the product. The future of advertising is that a person will have an information need, and the company will step in to meet the information need.” So I will have an information need: I need new jeans that suit my body shape, are skinny leg, dark denim, and are high quality. The companies that match this information need (and no lies or bluffing – they need to actually match this need) will step in and show me their products. There might still be 10 companies, but the difference is, I’ve asked for them to show me their products. I’ve asked for them to advertise to me.

I can see this happening just ’round the corner. Maybe Fox’s tailored approach to advertising is more likely to happen because companies will still make products the traditional way, just sell it differently (by answering what are essentially digital ‘wanted’ ads for specific customer needs). Maybe this the step before advertising finally dies and and companies simply make better products which we actually want and need. If they spend a bunch of years answering ‘wanted’ ads, they’ll realise what it is we actually want, dump 75% of their products and focus on the best 25%.

Fox, I’m part of the snake oil rebel force too.