Dinner Club (Erawan)

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Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™.

The rules of Dinner Club are as follows:

  • Select a restaurant the majority of KL Crew haven’t been to
  • The restaurant must be a “nice” restaurant; not hawker food, not a crappy chain, somewhere you’d take a client/family/good friend.
  • You order whatever you want, including wine and spirits. There are no limits[1. Other than reasonable judgement based on our bank accounts.]
  • The bill is split evenly
  • Unenforced rule[2. Yet. It seems the KL Crew are generally well behaved.]: Phone Stack

The purpose of Dinner Club is to enjoy a fine dining experience with good friends regularly. If you come to KL, you’re at least partly coming for the food.


This time we headed out to Erawan, classic Thai and fusion.

Kelly and I had been before — perhaps a year ago — and enjoyed it immensely. The food is amazing and quite creative. I’m partial to a chef who likes to try interesting things (black rose ice-cream?)

This time round, the food was still amazing but on a busy Saturday night I felt was a bit rushed. You see, you must order your meals in advance of the night, and I assume when the whole night’s orders are listed, you’re able to create and serve them efficiently. Nevertheless, everything was delicious and beautifully presented.

A personal favourite is the wine list handwritten in an ordinary diary, with numbers of bottles left in stock documented, crossed out and updated throughout the night. The wines are hand-selected by the owner and not ordered in bulk, so documentation is needed. Cute.

Highly recommended.

Previous Dinner Clubs

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