I can’t believe we did it

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I downloaded the iPhone 5 keynote to take with me on the ~28hr flight to Texas. I didn’t watch it until a few days after we arrived. During my viewing, the absence of Steve Jobs became really apparent to me. Tim Cook is (obviously) a great CEO, but not as good a showman as Jobs. This we all know. What I noticed in this keynote more than any other was the lack of excitement on Cook’s part, and genuine wonder.

Cook uses many of the same adjectives — gorgeous, stunning, incredible — as Jobs did, but I don’t feel them from him. When Jobs was giving a keynote I believed he truly felt these adjectives. I’m not saying Cook doesn’t feel this way, I’m saying it doesn’t show.

When Jobs was talking about a product, often he seemed to not know the details of how something was done, or was still figuring it out, or didn’t care too much about the fine details of how it came together. He seemed amazed with the designs and the software, and in awe of the final product; as if he couldn’t believe it existed.

In a nutshell:
Tim Cook — Here is this thing we made. It’s incredible. We did it.
Steve Jobs — Here is this thing we made. It’s incredible. I can’t believe we did it.