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In case you hadn’t heard from us, we made it — we’re still alive. We had a full week of jet lag (and a few days driving on the other side of the road) but we’ve survived.


I read Daring Fireball very often. In Australia (and Malaysia), I’d wake up in the morning and was able to read most of the previous day’s news (most, not all, because Gruber would add to the page very late in the US evening). This was fine and dandy, and I was content.

Now I’m in the US, and there’s no wake up to the news anymore, it’s a continual update throughout the day. If I’m using my regular method, it means I’m refreshing the page several times a day, with the hope that more news has been reported.

So, I will no longer use that method because it makes me feel like a hamster turning a wheel to get a little pallet of delicious Mac-news. I will switch to the as-yet-to-implement new method, which I’ll aptly name, The Evening Edition. Basically, I’ll be reading shit in the evenings.

I find this adaptation interesting.

Also interesting is I have no idea when all of my friends and family are up and going about their business. It’s like I’m a vampire, thinking of people back home while they sleep. Or is that a stalker?