Unexpected possible side-effect of living in Malaysia?

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As my wife goes to her actual job, it’s my job to scour the neighbourhood of potential places to eat, drink, and be merry. So, I’ve been doing a lot of walking since arriving in Houston 10 days ago.

On the weekend we played a bit of very low level tennis. It was a 20 minute walk to and from the court. Which was fine. Then we went to Houston’s premiere shopping centre mall, where I noticed an occasional burning sensation in my right achilles tendon.


The next day I walked to meet Kelly after work and as soon as I slipped on my shoes, the burning sensation returned. It was hurting right where my Nike 6.0s were touching my tendon. So I slipped out of them and tried walking around. Nothing. I then put on my yellow-as-hell running shoes (low at the back) and the sensation returned immediately.

I can walk normally but the burning comes and goes at seemingly random times. I can’t work out what’s doing it. I can poke and prod the tendon without shoes and I get nothing. I can simulate with my hands what my shoes are doing and still nothing.


Then my wife says: “You only ever wore sandals and bare feet in KL. Maybe your feet need to get used to wearing shoes again.”

Haha! Lolz.

Today I walked to a meeting — 20+ minutes each way — in my sandals. I had no issues.