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Kessy (keyless entry) on my new GTI is awesome:

Kelly and I went out for dinner tonight. Poscol on Westhiemer might just be our new favourite “little Italian place”. It’s small, intimate, personable, and simple. It’s definitely not a dressy place, but I dressed it up with jeans and a black shirt all the same. Dinner was fantastic.

VW GTI autobahn DSG united grey

It’s only four blocks from our place, around 10 mins walk at the most. On the way home I decided I wanted to pick up a few things from our local supermarket and test the GTI’s interior lighting and headlights. As soon as we arrived I grabbed my keys and drove off.

While in the supermarket I bought quite a few more items than I expected to. I only brought one bag with me, so ended up with a couple of heavy plastic bags on top of my full-to-the-brim reusable one.

As I walked to the car park I realised I had not removed my key from my pocket before I put my wallet back in. This is not usually a problem because my pockets are big enough to reach around my wallet and pull my keys out. But tonight Kelly and I went out for dinner, and my jeans’ pocket is tight.

I fumbled for a little while trying my usual pocket manoeuvres without success. But soon I remembered: I don’t need to do this anymore.

I just walked up to my boot trunk and lifted the handle and it unlocked itself. I put my bags in and closed it to hear it lock itself again. I then walked over to the driver’s door and touched the handle — the car unlocked itself with a double blink of the indicators and satisfying click. I hopped in, closed the door, stepped on the accelerator gas, err… brake, pressed the start button, and the car started.

I never had to touch my key, it simply had to be within close range of the trunk and door to open them, and inside the cabin to start.

Kessy. Awesome.

=== UPDATE ===

I wish I had Kessy for my house :(