UX goofs (vol 1)

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Sometimes I get annoyed by usability/UX glitches — well, more than sometimes actually — but sometimes I get annoyed enough to take 30 mins of my time to document them on this website. Why? Because it should work better.

So here we go, UX goofs, vol.1.

Adobe Flash Player version checker flat-out lies

Adobe Flash Player checker lie

I use Little Snitch to keep certain apps and services from reaching out into the matrix. In Adobe Flash checker update service is one of them. Every so often it launches and says “Checking for update” (or similar) for a few seconds, then returns “Adobe Flash Player is up to date on your system.”

Which is a lie. The application can’t contact it’s servers to check for an update at all because Little Snitch is blocking it from doing that.

Which means someone made the decision to return the ‘up to date’ message for the wrong reason. It should read “Adobe Flash Checker is having difficulty contacting Adobe servers to check for an update.” (or similar).

My guess is this decision was made because the majority of users couldn’t care less whether their Flash Player is up to date, so why make Adobe look bad by acknowledging some sort of error? Just tell the user their software is up to date, and try again next time.

Tsk tsk tsk.

YouTube videos in (my) RSS reader don’t link out to the video URL

YouTube embed non URL

In my RSS reader of choice I can view YouTube and Vimeo embeds. However, with the YouTube embeds, I cannot click on the title to open the video in it’s own URL, even though this is standard behaviour with YouTube embeds in a webpage, and even though the title displays an underscore on hover.

You can’t see my mouse in the screengrab, but I’m right-clicking to get the contextual menu which displays the options I have, one of which is ‘Copy video URL”. Why do I need to copy the URL, then open my browser window, then paste the URL, then hit return to watch it outside my RSS reader?

I can’t figure out the reason someone decided on this behaviour.
(Vimeo embeds link out just fine).