Icon: Gmail 2.0

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Gmail 2 icon tilted

A week or so ago, Google released version 2 of their Gmail app for iOS, sporting a spiffy, sleek, and slightly whimsical icon. I’ve been using Sparrow for iOS and Mac and have been fairly happy until recently when the lack of push email had me itching to go back to Gmail (on the web). Being used to having a standalone email app, I found FluidApp, an easy way to turn web apps into standalone desktop apps. Handy.

Except it lacked an icon. There is a repository of icons for FluidApps online, but there is only one decent icon for Gmail. I used this one for a week, but seeing the Gmail’s web layout matches the new iOS app, I wanted the spiffy 2.0 icon for my desktop too.

So I made one. Well, actually two. And you can have them both for free!
There’s a straight version like the icon for the iOS app, and a tilted icon following Apple’s desktop icon guidelines (shown above). Grab the icons below!

Gmail 2 icon sizes

Download the icons

Free to use however you wish, just don’t resell them. Enjoy!