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And, via Kottke, an indeed “excellent” article by Dan Baum about his experiences of carrying a concealed (and non-concealed) gun. Set aside 15 minutes and read it.

Also, from the same author, a very recent piece which in it’s first few paragraphs, describes one of the main issues in my opinion going unaddressed in the Gun Debate, mental illness (or instability):

Compare that to the coverage and conversation after Anders Behring Breivik murdered sixty-nine people on the island of Utøya in Norway, a year ago next Sunday. Nobody focused on the gun. I had a hard time learning from the news reports what type of gun he used. Nobody asked, “How did he get a gun?” That seemed strange, because it’s much harder to get a gun in Europe than it is here. But everybody, even the American media, seemed to understand that the heart of the Utøya massacre story was a tragically deranged man, not the rifle he fired. Instead of wringing their hands over the gun Breivik used, Norwegians saw the tragedy as the opening to a conversation about the rise of right-wing extremism in their country.

Read it here.

Related, this image via everyone’s favourite internet doctor:

Health care vs guns