Inceptional Lego model

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Lego moulding machines


This is pretty great: A Lego model of the machines which produce the Lego pieces the model is made of! (aka 4000001 Moulding Machines). The set contains two models: one of the current injection moulding machine, as well as the vintage machine Lego used before things became automated. It’s a quite Inception-esque, has ‘playability’ (moving parts), and is made of Lego, so naturally I love it!


I’ve known about this model for some time now, and swore that I’d get my hands on it somehow. Unfortunately there were only 68 made (!!!) and was only available to visitors to the Inside Tour of the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark in 2011[1. Please note: anyone stuck for ideas on a birthday present for me, this tour is the perfect gift ;) Yes, I’m aware it’s ~$2500 minus airfares.]. But fortunately…

  1. Someone went batshit crazy and decided to open and build this rare bit of Lego so the rest of us could get a good look at things and involuntarily spew envy from our eyes.
  2. Someone took the time to attempt to reverse engineer the model and share the results! Serious kudos to this person, it couldn’t’ve been easy.
  3. Someone somehow made an inventory list of all parts! I don’t know how they did this, or if it’s real or guestimated.


This morning, armed with the internet and a dressing gown, I tracked down all the above resources, and wasted spent my morning purchasing all the pieces to this model on BrickLink. It wasn’t very cheap, but it was less than a time machine and trip to the Inside Lego tour I wrote about above.

Now ordered, I play the waiting game. As Kelly can attest, this is my favourite part of the online purchasing process. Needless to say I’ll be bragging about it once it’s finished. Stay tuned!