Digital me

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Digital me

Moving to a new city means meeting many, many new people. Meeting new people often means exchanging phone numbers and email address (I’m not on Facebizzle). In Malaysia, I had to whip up some DIY business cards for KL Design Week which worked a treat[1. Well, kinda: some people didn’t get that the cards flipped up to reveal new information, and instead tried to open the fold up completely. As a UX guy, this annoyed me, but I stuck with it because it generally worked for the intended purpose.]. Now we’re in the USA, I felt I needed an upgrade.

I’ve created my new card showcasing my digital personality by using my own 8-bit character and Jason Kottke’s classic pre-web 2.0 Silkscreen pixel font. I’m a digital designer after all; I deal in pixels.

To make it even more real, I designed my 8-bit character with clothes I actually wear (I’m reluctant to call them ‘outfits’) as well as some clothes I don’t. Thanks to Moo Cards’ printfinity, I’m able to include up to 50 different avatars on the reverse side of my cards. All in all I created 20 versions of myself[2. My design file included separate t-shirts, jackets, pants, shoes etc so I could technically create hundreds of variations on my wardrobe], 12 made it to the final cards.

Yes! I have included some of the underwear versions in my cards! No, I don’t know who I would ever give these to :(

I’ll update with photos of the cards when they arrive.
Behold! They are T-H-I-C-K!

Moo cards are thick