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Recently it was my wife an my third anniversary. Instead of buying each other a token gift, I sent an email to a guy I met a couple years ago at Webstock, Andrew Fulton.

Andrew Fulton is a comic illustrator. I love his quirky style (and I really love his cut-off website title. He did this before it was the new shit!). His often left-of-field, or perhaps left-of-the-subject-matter-you-might-expect-from-said-quirky-style imagery trickles into my RSS reader and gets giggles.

I emailed Andrew asking if he could whiz me up a customised make-out drawing, something to mark the occasion. Despite his usual don’t-give-me-specific-details rule (to protect himself) we worked together on ‘source material’ and ideas to strike the right balance of creepy and meaningful. He was very nice to oblige.

And the painting is AWESOME-SAUCE! When I saw it in person the vibrancy and crispness of the inkwork pushed my eyeballs back into my head a few millimetres! It looks so …wow! It took my expectations out into the street, got into a rental car, and repeatedly drove over them. It may have even done a bit of a burnout.

I was so awestruck I’ve already sent it off to be framed, before I snapped some shots with my camera :/ But lucky for you lot, I was sane enough to scan it into ones and zeros.

Clickity click:

Scan of Andrew's illustration

And the clever part?
Third anniversary is a crystal affair, so we’re kicking over a bottle of Cristal. Genius!