Volumes (rewrite)

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Yesterday I published a short post about my Mac Pro workstation’s hard drive setup. After giving it the overnight test, I scrapped it — it was confusing, missing some important details, and sloppily written. All three can be attributed to the fact I was drunk after a boozy dinner with friends.

So I’m rewriting it. Well, not so much rewriting the post, but writing about the post.

I wanted to write something about my hard drive setup because I spent a little time tweaking it yesterday to squeeze a little more performance out of my Work and Scratch drives, and I realised the way my Mac Pro storage is configured is ridiculously convoluted, but for good performance reasons.

Yesterday’s post tried to explain what was going on with words, but I think a couple of pictures will suffice. Those nerdy enough to understand will know what’s going on, those not nerdy enough won’t care. Win-win.

To begin, I have six actual hard drives in my Mac as follows:

This is the way they’re sliced and diced, and how they look on my desktop:

screengrab of volumes

And this is what’s going on behind the scenes:

screengrab of volumes

‘Nuff said.