Frank Ocean

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Swim Good by Frank Ocean. This is one of my favourite songs I’ve discovered in the last few months. Kick back for five minutes and give it a listen. (Load up the lyrics on your second play through.)

It comes from the free downloadable album/mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA, an album I’ve really been thrashing over the last few months. I’m not really into R&B generally, but this album has a Lynchian darkness to it; like a slow , soft nightmare you don’t want to wake up from.

I highly recommend grabbing this album and giving it multiple plays. It’s one of those “gets better the more you listen to it” albums.


Also check out the video short film for Pyramids below. Off the new, non-free album Channel ORANGE. This song is the antithesis of R&B pop — a long winding path through many surprising musi-motions (music emotions — i just made that word up right now). The album version goes for 10 minutes (the video is seven).


We’re going to New Orleans Jazz Festival next weekend, and to my delight FRANK OCEAN IS PERFORMING! Can’t wait!