Blob-head Leia!

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Leia minifig from Lego set 10198 Tantive IV

Here is Princess Leia, from the Lego set 10198 Tantive IV which I recently purchased second-hand for $150 (including shipping). You remember the ship, right? It’s the first ship that appears in the original trilogy of Star Wars1, the small white being chased by an enormous Imperial Star Destroyer. If you can’t remember, here’s a 40-second refresher. Anyway… everything was cool with the set, until I noticed Leia’s hair.

Close up of Leia's hair

Leia’s hair is smooth, like melting chocolate. Pretty cool, huh?


Well, as it turns out, this “blob-head”2 Leia is a Lego mistake — a manufacturing defect — that is highly sought after by collectors and is worth up to and over $200!

The accepted story

The metal mould which casts this version of Leia’s hair was placed in the moulding machine incorrectly, so the first few batches of Tantive IV set #10198 received the error hair piece. LEGO quickly realised their mistake, and replaced the head piece with the correct one. Observe:

Leia hair comparison

The valuable hair on the left, normal hair on the right.

What now?

Dunno. I’ll might keep it as it’s a kooky thing to have. On the other hand, there are hardcore Lego collectors who would appreciate this much more than I would, so I should probably pass it on to someone else.

At the very least this Lego set just paid for itself — FREE LEGO! — and potentially gave me fifty bucks on top!

(I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes; I still “play” with Lego.)

  1. I used to say Star Wars OT stood for “only trilogy” and refused to acknowledge the newer films ‘cos if you had lived any longer than six years on this planet, they were balls. However, I’m biting my lip these days simply because it’s impossible to avoid any and all references — especially since the announcement of this ridiculous shit. It’s like the word “flavourful here in the US. I will leave the States with a select few vocabulary additions, but “flavourful” will not be amongst them.
  2. A term I coined myself :)