Learning new things

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dessert beer!

Above is an image explained in the below list of things learned last night when a few friends came ’round for a spontaneous BBQ:

  • The difference between an opossum and a possum
  • The difference between an opossum and a nutria
  • Rats can climb fences and look cute while doing it
  • A Dodge Caravan looks nothing like a caravan
  • Babies don’t breathe in the womb; they get oxygen from the nutrients in the placenta, but they do ‘practise’ breathing amniotic fluid in latter stages of pregnacy
  • Everyone loves sausages from HEB when they are cooked in beer and onions
  • Everyone loves beer- and sausage-fat simmered onions
  • (The lemon and herb chicken breasts aren’t worthy of a mention)
  • Nectarines definitely have no fuzz (except some actually do)
  • Nectarines can appear on peach trees (and vice versa)
  • If you plant a pip from a nectarine, no fruit will grow on that tree for at least three years, and if it does it’s very likely the fruit will look nothing like the original nectarine it came from
  • The distance Kelly, Claire, and I swam to that little island of the coast of Pangkor was 245.6 smoots; or 798.127 Egyptian old royal cubits; or 3.8 American football fields
  • Mixing banana bread beer and organic chocolate stout works as a dessert beer (!!!)
  • Tax, and other, implications of getting a full ‘greencard’ for the USA

‘Twas a good evening.