The Houston Art Car Parade

The Houston Art Car Parade

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If you saw this recent Instagram photo of mine, and were suitably perplexed as to what the hell was going on, I’m about to let you reacquaint yourself with sleep.

The Houston Art Car Parade .com
That’s what the hell was going on.

It is the Largest Art Car Parade in the world! Houston Art Car Weekend is the Orange Show’s biggest outreach program, a vehicle for the message that art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life.

And who doesn’t love art?
Or a batmobile?
Or a 2:1 scale VW Beetle? (Yes, 2:1)
Or a banana on wheels?
Or a car covered in synchronised dancing lobsters?
Or Colonel Sanders behind the wheel of a chicken drumstick?
Or some air-ride(ed) and bagged Lincoln town cars?
Or a guy “driving” a giant rat and scaring all the dogs?
Or a woman driving a lawn chair and steering with a giant sunflower?
Or realising some people actually drive these cars to work every day?


Or an (actual) police officer driving last in the parade of 270-odd (or 270 odd) cars reminding everyone over his loud speaker not to forget to call your mother on Mother’s Day.


The Houston Art Car Parade is a 10-minuted ride from our house, so I readied the bikes, packed a sixer of left over beers from the BBQ the week before, and took a visiting Kirk1 up to Allen Parkway to behold the spectacle! We also met up with Sam the Eye Surgeon.2

And who doesn’t like beer?
Or friends?
Or riding bikes?
Or meeting strangers from the Navy?
Or accepting promotional chocolate bars?
Or giving chocolate bars to the Navy stranger’s kid?
Or sunny weather?


Or crappy, one-handed, tipsy iPhone photos from a bridge?

  1. Kirk is a mate from Oz, staying with us for a few weeks to detox after travelling the world for the last four months. And, he’s my web developer of choice. If I design you a website, it’s likely he’ll be coding it.
  2. A friend of ours who’s an actual eye surgeon (without a legit Trademark symbol “™”).