Better menubar icons for Remoteless Helper app

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Remoteless icons

The current facts:

  • I’m giving Spotify a go
  • To control Spotify on my Mac from my iPhone, I’m trying Remoteless
  • Remoteless needs a helper app running on the Mac
  • The helper app lives in your menubar
  • The menubar icon/s look crap1
  • I whipped up some new, less crap replacement icons
  • You can download them right here (zip file, 1.9kb)
  • Here’s a pic showing you where you replace the previous menubar icons on your Mac
  • And here’s the path: Applications > RemotelessHelper.app2 > Contents > Resources
  • Quit and restart the helper app
  • Now your life is a tiny bit better :)

Disclaimer: The usual warning — use at your own risk. If you machine dies it’s not my fault. This worked perfectly for me. Copy the existing icons to another location as a backup!

  1. In my opinion, trying to cram too much information into 30×30 pixels can do this to your menubar icons.
  2. Right click on the app and select “Show package contents”