Uneven Structure – 8

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Uneven Structure, one of my favourite metal bands, has re-recorded their brutal and excellent “8” album. The new version adds more singing, and is a little warmer in the production, matching their last album Februus. It’s interesting to hear the difference. I would describe it as shaving with a sharp and rusty blade, then using some aloe vera wipes to try and stem the bleeding cuts. Maybe it’s because they’re from France?


Anyway, if you like bands like Meshuggah — and don’t mind the occasional sung lyric — check out Uneven Structure. In fact, I recommend the following:

  1. Grab the original while it’s still free. It’s pure metal, and confusing as hell at first.
  2. Listen to/buy Februus and enjoy that while you rest your ears from the previous album.
  3. After a few months, listen to/buy the new version of 8. I think you’ll appreciate the contrast and love both versions for their own differences.

Thank me later :)

Oh, and here’s a taster of Februus: