Branding: Kirk Beard

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Logo design and branding for Australian Web Developer Kirk Beard.

Kirk came to me for a redesign of his logo after resigning from his full-time role in Melbourne and taking off to fulfil a lifetime goal of travelling the world. Now as a full-time freelancer, Kirk needed a new mark for his website (under construction :) and all estimating/invoicing collateral, and social media assets.

The previous logo was created by himself many years ago, and actually, it’s a decent developer-designed concept for the mid-2000’s. However by today’s standards lacks sophistication and professionalism.

Kirk wanted to retain both the colour scheme from the previous logo and website (dark blue and lime green) as well as keep the original concept of using his initials K+B as the focus of the design. In addition, the new mark had to be simple, not rely on any design ‘trends’, and be something which could be used at icon size without a breakdown of shape and form.

After exploring dozens of ideas at the sketching phase, seven or eight candidates made it to digital conception. From here, a few made it through to be placed in website mockups and invoices for advanced scrutiny in real-world applications.

The final design was selected based on simplicity, sophistication, scalability1, and the inclusion of optical illusion — the hidden three-dimensionality of the ‘B’. Solid variations can be used at small sizes and when a the subtle 3D-ness isn’t desired.

  1. This includes the option to render the mark with the HTML5 canvas element, as well as pixel size variations.