Australia, March 2014

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Melbourne laneway

Wading through the backlog

Resting up from my knee surgery I’ve had some time to go through a sizeable backlog of travel photographs patiently waiting inside Lightroom.

Today marks my first blog post in three months, and it contains a link to 100 images taken on our March trip back to Australia. The first half or so shot in Adelaide during the week of Craig And Lisa’s wedding. The second half shot in and around Melbourne’s CBD (downtown for y’all Americans).

These images were first edited not long after our return, and I’ve noticed in my B+Ws three months later I’m enjoying a more contrasty treatment. You’ll probably notice the change from the first pics of Kelly and I at the airport (with me especially looking forward to the 24+ hours of travel ahead), to the lane way images toward the end of the set.

Fuji X100s

It’s worth re-mentioning this photoset (and all photos I’ve shot since March) have been with the Fuji X100s. It was a semi-rash decision to side-grade from my usual Canon 5D and 50mm f1.2 or 24–105mm f4 lens, but it has been a pretty fun experience, if only for the fixed 35mm focal length, which is simultaneously creatively restricting and freeing.

Without further ado…

Hit the image above to launch the gallery!