Canyon Lake / Austin / Washington DC

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21 photos from Canyon Lake, Texas

Canyon Lake 11

Canyon Lake is where we and a bunch of friends spent Memorial Weekend. Weather didn’t permit tubing on an icy cold river which was at a low level, so we simply ate BBQ, drank beer, talked nonsense, and laughed a lot. Coulda been worse. Bonus: random photo of a rainbow over Houston from my office window (not from Canyon Lake).

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19 photos from Austin, Texas

Austin 11

A few photos from two Austin trips this year; one for a friend’s birthday weekend, and a second to see a man about a bike.

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16 photos and a video from Washington DC

Washington DC 04

Accompanying Kelly on a work trip to Dc, we spent the weekend exploring Georgetown and the monuments. As much as I’m unfamiliar with ins and outs of US diplomacy and military achievements, I must say their monuments are impressive.

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