The Carolinas

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Lazy gator

The Carolinas1 is somewhere we’ve wanted to visit for a while.

Early in 2014 we floated the idea to some good mates from our time in Malaysia (who now reside in Straya) and they accepted. In fact, one of them was speaking at a conference in Philadelphia later in the year. As it turns out, The Carolinas are beautiful in September.

* Side note, If “The Carolinas” sounds familiar, it may be due to the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (or the movie).

The itinerary:

  1. Atlanta Georgia (pick up rental SUV and drive north to…)
  2. Asheville, South Carolina (for a few days, then drive to…)
  3. Charleston, North Carolina (for a few more days then fly to…)
  4. New York City, New York

Despite being a little rained out in Charleston the trip was fantastic. And tacking on a couple days in NYC at the end with two close friends was icing on the cake.

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To answer the question y’all’re thinking: yes, that is a real live gator — not a pool toy — chillin’ on someone’s lawn.

  1. The collective term for the states of North and South Carolina, hence “is somewhere” and not “are some places”…