Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff 2015

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Reach for the cowboy laserz

We’ve been in Houston for two and a half years (!!!) and we’ve never before been to the largest rodeo on planet earth. This changes in 2015. We have our season passes, and godammit, we’re going this year (but more on that in another post, y’know, after the Rodeo has happened.)

For now, we’ve put ourselves in the mood by attending the World BBQ Championships, or rather, the disco that accompanies it. We did this a couple years back and had a great deal of fun despite discos, dancing, drinking, loud noises, and lasers being my least favourite things. Well, laserz are flippin’ cool, but the rest…

Unlike last year, I took along my trusty Fuji x100s{{1}}, and unlike last year my camera unfortunately wasn’t up to the task of laser lights, dark surrounds, and cowboys. Nevertheless, here are the few photos my camera did manage. And yes, that’s a “stripper” pole with a bell on top. And no, guys weren’t allowed on it.

[[1]]I’ve recently sold all my Canon gear.[[1]]