11 miles road then some Moab MTB

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On the way to the trails

On the way to the trails.

Yesterday morning I underestimated what riding 11 miles on a mountain bike before hitting the trails would to my legs 😩. The view, however, was breathtaking. (Spoiler alert: I survived).

Riding several sections of #moabbrandtrails was pretty awesome. If I recall correctly, we rode a section of Bar M, then half of Lazy/EZ loop, did the Rockin’ A section (which was the highlight; an hour or so on Moab’s famous Slickrock, through some semi-technical terrain, and happy I attempted all lines, and completed probably 97% 🤙), then back on to Bar M, and finishing with the second half of Lazy/EZ loop (which had some fun flowy singletrack downhill toward the parking lot 😄).