Always. Be. Cloning.

My photo backup strategy while on the road

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A, B, C.

A: Always
B: Be
C: Cloning
Always be cloning.

Such beauty in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks that one cannot risk losing photographic evidence. Therefore when the afternoon downtime hits — after along morning hikes — one must bust out the tech and create some redundancy.

For those interested, my photographic workflow with a Mac that has only one hole/port is as follows:

  1. Get photos from card onto hard drive with card reader (copy #1) via Adobe Lightroom (Classic) (if time and surrounds permit, make first pass at culling by flagging potential keepers with a 🏳 (` key)
  2. Attach 2TB drive (pictured) to back up Lightroom files with superduper (Copy #2)
  3. Keep photos on SD card until they absolutely need to be erased (copy #3).

My little Mac has enough space to hold, I assume, a years worth of travel photos. If not, I can store and work on them from the external drive (in which case I will buy a second external drive to keep the same level of redundancy). With Lightroom’s “smart preview” feature, I will be able to make detailed edits to photos even when they exist on an unmourned external drive (😍) which will sync those edits when I reconnect the drive (😍😍).

A, B, C.