Damn good coffee!

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The Double R diner from Twin Peaks

The Double R diner from Twin Peaks

During our two day recoup in Olympia, I finally caught up to episode 12 of Twin Peaks: The Return. On a whim, I looked up where various #twinpeaks filming locations were and was pleasantly surprised the diner used in the original and current series was on the way to our next destination🤘😀🤘. So we stopped in for a coffee ☕️ and took a slice of cherry pie 🍰 to go. Coffee was actually “damn good” as well as “hot” 👏.

🤔 I wonder what the teens serving us our breakfast think of all this Twin Peaks nonsense; have they watched the show? Did they like it? Was it too slow-paced for their post-millennial lifestyles? Did the weirdness kinda just get shrugged off? Can they be bothered to spend hours researching meanings and histories? All the questions.

In a delightful second treat for the day, and testament to David Lynch’s frugality, the exterior shots of the Great Northern Hotel were filmed only eight minutes away.