How to ask for an Aeropress grind

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It seems most coffee roasters/shops we’ve been to on our trip have wildly differing views on what “grind for aeropress” means1. I’ve had a range from fine espresso all the way through course drip grind. In my experience — coming from years of pulling espresso on a semi-pro machine — when it’s too course it plunges easy and and the flavour is lacking, and I’m yet to get a grind that’s too fine. Only one coffee shop so far (@treelinecoffee, (coincidentally also in Bozeman)) ground it to my liking.

So to get some level of consistency I’ve taken to asking every coffee shop for “espresso grind” which seems to narrow the range substantially. I just push a little harder on the plunger now ;)

  1. Not that I really know myself if I’m honest.