When tyre sealant doesn’t seal (and other tales of woe)

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Tyre sealant on my water bottle from a large gash in my rear tyre

Tyre sealant on my water bottle from a large gash in my rear tyre :(

See that white stuff on my water bottle? That’s tyre sealant.

On today’s ride, right in the last mile or two, I suffered a puncture. However I didn’t realise until I rode into our accommodation that it had even happened. That’s the beauty of a tubeless wheel setup — there is no inner tube, just the tyre and the rim. The liquid sealant sloshes around inside the tire until you get a puncture when the tyre pressure rapidly spurts the sealant out through the hole effectively clogging it so you can continue riding.

When I inspected the tire I saw a small pin-like metal fragment sticking out. I grabbed the pliers from my travelling toolkit and yanked it out. To my surprise the pin-like metal fragment was actually a rusted old horseshoe nail almost two inches long and about 1/8 inch wide 😳. Once pulled, sealant spurted everywhere again but the hole with the offending arrogant was too big for the sealant to do its job under any decent tire pressure. This was the bad news.

The good news was I found a local bike shop (LBS) to repair/patch the tyre this afternoon 😀 and right now the tyre is holding up under MTB pressures. All in all the patch saved me the cost of a new tyre ($60), but cost almost half that to repair. But I’m not too fussed as it allows my to tackle a 60mile stretch of the #mickelsontrail tomorrow.

I wish I had the chemicals/equipment to do the patch myself. The mechanic who patched my tyre seemed to’ve done a good job when He described how he did the repair, but I’d rather know for sure as I would if I did the work myself. Further, my rear disc brake squealed like a banshee after the repair with little stopping power (also bad news). I’ve fixed that though with a little rubbing alcohol on the rotors and a rough sanding of the brake pads on some concrete (my usual MO for disc brake squeal) but I can’t test until tomorrow right before the ride (when it’s not raining. Fingers crossed that worked and the mechanic hasn’t actually ruined my brake pads permanently 🤞😬🤞. Note to self: reseat the rear wheel again just to be sure.