Biking, hiking, and climbing in Acadia National Park

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Today’s “ride” was interesting to say the least. Kelly was trying for a record distance run so I had a good 1½ hours to ride around the Acadia carriageways. The route was carefully planned (see previous post) and once prepped I was on my way!

However the app mapping tool Komoot added a small section of unbikable hiking to bridge two carriageways. No worries: I was making good time and decided to take a couple extra carriageways to bypass the hike 👍. By the time I was almost rejoined the original path I was only an hour in and kelly wouldn’t be done soon, so I decided take a short cut across to a third extra carriageway by way of a rooty /rocky hiking trail which my GPS said was less than a mile. We’d pushed our bikes through similar terrain on our first ride so I knew it would be easy .

That’s when shit got real.

Biking Hiking Acadia National Park
Impossible terrain to ride

Cannot. Ride.

About a half mile in the slight uphill over roots and rocks turned into a climb up large boulders, through river beds, and around pond and miniature lakes. I had long ago stopped carrying my bike on my shoulder and was now hoisting and throwing it up onto 6 foot high rocks, then scrambling up almost vertical rock faces. I thought about turning back but getting down that terrain with bike in tow was many times more difficult. I pressed on and eventually made it back to some semblance of a walkable trail and to the carriageway I was aiming for. In the end, I’d climbed—with my bike—800 feet up the side of a mountain. It took me the best part of an hour.

The silver lining to this escapade was that I got some brilliant views and a long fun descent on the last few miles back to where I started.

The views were worth it

The views were worth it!