Meeting the locals in Arkansas

Meeting the locals in Arkansas

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Jackfork MTB trail

While staying in Little Rock, Arkansas for one night only, I decided to see if I could find a trail to ride close by in the afternoon. I found Jackfork MTB trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and headed out for a pedal.

Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail map

Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail map

While I applaud the effort of the local riders to design and build this trail — it’s ~7 miles on a 1/4 mile square area — Was not the best trail I’ve ridden. Maybe it was the time of year: the beginning of winter has seen all the leaves leave (!) the trees and cover the trail completely; I could not make out the trail at all! My only indicators were a few pointy rocks jutting out of the leafy ground cover which appeared to be manually laid as the trail surface, and an occasional log lying next to the trail like a curb.

You can see from the map that it has been deliberately designed to be squirrelly and somewhat technical, but when one has to question the direction every 10 seconds riding ceases to be fun :( It’s a shame, it looked like my type of cross country trail. Maybe it’s better in the spring.

Meeting the locals

Met this lovely little armadillo on the MTB trails of Arkansas

The 30 minute drive from our accoms did not turn out to be for naught! While slowly pedalling up a part of the trail (I think) I did see an armadillo sniffing around in the middle distance. I dismounted and walked toward it, but it heard me and pounced away at speed! (Pounced not unlike an antelope!) I followed it until it ran and buried itself in what I assume was a pre-made hidey hole. I crept closer to see if I could catch some footage of the cheeky bugger. There were several rocks upon which I stood to eliminate footstep noise and waited. And waited. And waited. 20 minutes (or more) later I was rewarded with the armadillo surfacing and giving me several poses.

Look at those ears!

This is the first armadillo I’ve seen that wasn’t lying dead by the side of the road. I’m happy to’ve met one of the Arkansas locals!