MS150 2018

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Me riding the 2017 MS150

Me riding the 2017 MS150

It’s happening… again.

I’ve signed up to ride the MS150 from Houston to Austin in 2018. Hope y’all will come along for the ride with me 🚴. Details coming soonish (and the bit where I ask for donations coming soonish too (remember it’s a great cause!!))

In related news, the @bluelinebikelab team I was a part of in 2017 were awarded “best team promoting the mission” by The MS Society 👏👏, and the team’s fundraising average increased by $260 per rider for 2017’s event. That’s thanks to generous people like yourselves 🙏🙏🙏.

Enough of the spam for now, I’m just excited to be riding again in April 2018! 🤗