Forgotten treasures

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90's-era Marin Bobcat Trail mountain bike

Digging around in some decade old storage items unearthed this gem: 90’s-era Marin Bobcat Trail mountain bike

When in Oz over Christmas we had a look into some items we had in storage from before we moved to Malaysia, and then the US, to see if there was anything we needed to get rid of. Much of the stuff we found absolutely did: one shopping bag full of approximately 30 pairs of socks (!!!), but a few things escaped the cull.

For instance, this 1994 Marin Bobcat Trail mountain bike. ChroMo frame and fork, 26” wheels, 3×7 speed Shimano drivetrain (rust free!), Avid v-brakes, original Vee Rubber tyres, plus the largest, cushiest saddle on the planet. (Pictured here with a modern, 2017 Blue Line Bike Lab water bottle) Rode great after so many years, but I really have no need for it. If it were a higher-end model, I’d’ve kept it for restoration, but as an entry-level bike I decided to give it away to Rusty, proprietor of The Pushy Library in Geelong, Victoria, who collects and repairs bikes for local university students to borrow. Pretty good idea, Rusty!

Also found of note:

  1. OG $10 note. Paper!
  2. Mini (official) numberplate for our bike rack, as evidenced by the words “bike” and “rack” along the top
  3. Unused Easton Monkey Lite XC handlebars, 25.4mm diameter
  4. Kona Project 2 26” jump forks with disc brake mount. ⅛ steerer
  5. Collection of #theparadisemotel records
  6. The Paradise Motel single “Drive” on vinyl and compact disc
  7. Two hand-numbered and sealed copies on my band’s “latest” EP from 2005: Within Without

Fun times!