Chopping boards!

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Chopping boards

Recycled/reclaimed/found Aussie hardwoods, 50x30cm, 30x20cm. A bargain at $80 for both.

Edit: normally I prefer my stuff without logos — often “hand crafted” woodwork item like these have a burned in name or logo on the side, or worse, on the top, which puts me off: I want the item. Or your branding… — but in hindsight I’d love to at least have the name of the gentleman who built these. He was a lovely man, immigrated to Oz from Denmark (I’m guessing from the fading accent) in the 60s. As it stands I have no idea whether he’s at the market often, or how to recommend his boards to others. They are well made**, and it was obvious the guy cared about what he did, who bought his wares, and how they’d take care of them for years, nay, decades of use. A true craftsman.

** time will tell of course.