The 2019 ‘Goose

The evolution of an accidental classic

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Introducing The 2019 ‘Goose, with added @chriskingbuzz 1” headset and bottom bracket in shining silver, and of course the Wound Up Composites 1” road fork.

Drive-side view of vintage titanium Mongoose road bike leaning against a wall
A turn-of-the-century bike tweaked and modernised for today :)

I think I’ve always loved straight-tubed bikes, particularly older ones with horizontal top tubes. Even when retro-modded, frames of this era look fast, sturdy, and clean. I think in the case of The new and improved ‘Goose, the Wound Up fork fits in perfectly with the aesthetic; a straight fork with a chrome crown. And it sure doesn’t hurt when the angle of the seat tube and fork are parallel…

I bought this bike a few weeks before my first MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin in 2017, having never owned a “road bike”, and against the advice from good mate @_sambikes_1. The turn-of-the-century Titanium Mongoose Pro RX 10.7 set me back ~$500 (for a complete bike with average parts) plus many hours of online research to come. In the few weeks before the MS150 event I managed to upgrade and replace everything except the fork, handlebars, brakes, and bottom bracket, and in the process learning how to disassemble, clean, and rebuild, as well as spec parts for, an unfamiliar style of bike. Luckily I learned enough to give myself zero (0) mechanicals between Houston and Austin on my first ever road bike 👍.

The ‘Goose marks a time where I feel I transitioned from an occasional bike tinkerer into …a more proficient bike tinkerer. Perhaps not mechanic-level, but heading that way. It also reminds me of my life in Houston and the friends I made who’s passion for bikes was large and infectious. 🇺🇸

I look forward to exploring the many, many kilometres of Victorian backroads on this bike.

  1. At least I was following his most stout dictum: “Never buy a new bike” 😬