If a tree falls…

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This morning, whilst checking out my local mountain bike trails, two notable things happened:

  1. I almost ran over a snake.
  2. An enormous tree broke and landed next to my car.
Fallen tree in front of blue car in the Australian bush
Fallen tree right next to my car 🙏

With almost comic precision, the tree laid directly across my exit, it’s length being more/less the exact width of the path. At first I was confused; it’s not something I’d expect to see after returning from a couple hours riding my bike, that’s reserved for something like a smashed car window and stolen sunglasses. I marvelled at the scene for a minute or so until the reality sunk in, then I sprung into action to check my car for damage (and busted out my camera).

I cannot understate how lucky I was:

  1. The falling tree did not land on my car, but right next to it.
  2. The falling tree did not damage my car despite branches, twigs, and bark being strewn all over the place.
  3. A couple blokes in a truck drove by.

After assessing the (zero) damage to my car, I began systematically removing branches from the massive tree limb and throwing them aside. I thought that if I could remove as much weight as possible from the main limb, I’d be able — with considerable effort — to drag the tree out of my way. I’m happy to report that only a few minutes in to my task a United Energy truck drove by. And slowly enough that I was able to flag it down. I asked one question:

Do you, by any chance, have a chainsaw?

Long story short, the two blokes and I had the barricade cleared in 10 minutes. In hindsight I chuckle at the notion of moving the tree myself; it took two of us just to carry the larger chainsawn-off chunks of tree trunk. I thanked them, shook their hands, and wished them a good weekend.

Cleared pathway with blue car
This house is cleaah

The moral of the story?
I gotta get me a chainsaw…


Oh yeah, I also didn’t get bitten by one of these fellas. So that’s good.