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Road bicycle overlooking Port Phillip Bay at sunrise
The Goose on the loose!

Took The Goose out for a quick morning ride up some hills this morning; my first ride with the new Wound Up forks and my first ride on a road bike in, well, quite a while.

Strange feeling to be on a road bike again after almost two years, since my first #ms150 in 2017. Things that notably felt weird:

  • Narrow bars. I’m so used to riding 640mm+ bars now that riding these feels like I’m ducking and weaving like the X-Wings at the end of Star Wars
  • Large chainring. Is a sub-compact, but plonking it onto the big dog and tryna accelerate out of a hill feels super-syrupy and smooth
  • Being pitched forward. Even though I’m only running a 90mm stem having my hands on the hoods moves me another 100mm forward. Feels great when out of the saddle climbing, will take some used to coming down a hill at speed.

Basically the same stuff everyone who gets on a road bike for the first time in a while (or ever) would say.

Side note: the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful part of the world. I feel lucky to have this view along my morning route to Fort Nepean.